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Links for General Dog Information

Professor Hunt's Dog Page Dog Sport Magazine DVG America InfoDog AKC's Dog Show Calandar
Am. Working Dog Assoc. The Doggie Internet Fr.Ring Page OFA American Kennel Club
AMBOR Show Calendar NARA Home Page Jack Onofrio American Kennel Club Breed Specific Dog Laws
FreeStyle Homepage Acme Pet Page USPCA Schutzhund - Frequently Asked Questions Puppy Aptitude Test
National Animal Poison Control Center Institute for Genetic Disease Control Fuzzy Faces Karla's Service Dog Page J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies
The Dog Zone      

Links for Rottweiler Information

Noblegold Rottweiler Jewelry AKC Standard for the Rottweiler ADRK Standard for the Rottweiler

ADRK E-mail address

Questions To Ask Breeders Rottweiler Rescue
Want a Rottweiler? Read this before you buy... ARV - American Rottweiler Verein & Magazine USRC - United States Rottweiler Club Rottweiler Bros. Farm merchandise ARC - American Rottweiler Club
Rottie-L's Home Page The Rottweiler Home Page      

Links for Rottweiler Homepages

Thunder Valley Rottweilers Acosta's Rottweilers RiverRun Rottweilers Lopezhaus Rottweilers Rose "BamBam" Cooper
Shadie Pines Rottweilers Hainland Kennels Anton Spindler K-9 Boarding and Training Center Eastlake Rottweilers
VomMohr Rottweilers Ebony Ranch Rottweilers Barb McNinch Thumper's World of Animal Care and Control Ebony Ranch
No-Bil's Rottweilers Renaissance Rottweilers Gene Ellison Von Ausbreitung Kennels Pagewood Rottweilers
Stone Fort Rottweilers Von Reuter Rottweilers Acosta's Rottweilers Jan Cooper - Rottie Rescue Marcello Mesquita
Alicia's Cutest Rottweiler Page Tanglewood Rottweilers Susan Taylor Sandi Henderson Paula Nelson
Avril Roy-Smith Sampson Rottweilers      

Links for other Dog Breeds

Mystique Belgian Malinois Von Christel Kennels
Sitstay Belgian Shepherds Dantero Belgian Malinois
DeBelisi Belgian Shepherds Malinut Homepage