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Fee's Story and Award


"Fee's Story"

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**Update: Fee has been adopted and is doing super in her new home**

My name is Fee, and I am the inspiration for this award. In my very short life I have been through so much. It started out when I was first born, I was pretty sick, as were my brothers and sisters. One of my sisters even died. I had to be kept in an isolette and my human person gave me medicines and IV's. She used to rock me and give me a bottle every couple of hours. I liked my time with her.
As I got older my brother and sisters and of course myself had lots of fun. We played and we swam and we lived inside the house. We all had things that we would soon realize were very special to us taken away, like our names.
One day my human came home very sad and told us all we would be going to our other mommies house. The next day our other mommy came and packed us into a crate and off we went to start our new life.
I have not been able to tell my original mom what happened to me. She does know that my brother impregnated me and I had a C-section and spaying prior to my first birthday. You see shortly after my surgery I was taken to a kennel with my sister and mommy #2 left us. We were very scared and confused.
Things started to improve, our original mommy came to pick us up. YEAH!!!! We both knew it would be okay, this was the lady with the rocking chair. She took us home and took video of us. When she watched us walk and went over our bodies, she started to cry. I wanted to kiss her and make her feel better, but she kept telling me how sorry she was. Why was she sorry, she never hurt us? She took us to see a lady she called doctor. This woman gave us medication again. I guess we both had some infections. Then she said that I might have to have surgery again, because my incision had a major infection and some other stuff about my insides? I do not know, but my mommy made me well and I didn't have to have the surgery, YEAH!!!!
I have been back with my original mommy for four months now and I am very happy. I get to run and play. She gives me lots of hugs and kisses, and guess what I got back!!! My name... I AM FEE!!!!!!
Now my mommy and I would like to award other people who help to rescue doggies like me and my brothers and sisters. If you help out those of us who can't get help without you, then please submit your homepage to my mommy to be considered for the FREEDOM award for rescue sites. Oh, Freedom is my sister, she is the first of us that mom was able to place. She has a home of her very own now, and it is her photo that I used on the award.


Please send email for the Fee Rescue Award to: Rott4u@aol.com

In the subject line please put "Application for Fee's Freedom Award"

Please include your name, state, site address, and a short story about why you believe your site qualifies for the award. This award is not for general sites, but only for those sites that promote rescue, rehome, and the spaying/neutering of non-breedable dogs.

Thank you,

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